The "Sloth the Scammer" joke made my day!

Now I've heard them all, Ladies and Gentlemen. Some guys think Sloth is a "known" scammer from a few years ago. They also called him Sloth back then. And today, Sloth, the dumb Sloth, just came back as nobody else than, well, Sloth.

So many people got Sloth REKT! ...none!


The Ragnarök Melancholia - Let's hit that Poporing!

Ladies and Gentlemen, it gets super nerdy here! And worse for an ADHD guy like me. Remember, there was a time before World of Warcraft. And in that time, one year before the release of World of Warcraft, we used to play one of the first Meta

Is A3: Still Alive still alive?

Ladies and gentlemen, I found a "Diablo", or better, a "Lost Ark" crypto game. A3: Still Alive. It's been around since December 2020, but I missed it completely. And if it were not for "Ni No Kuni", I wouldn't have looked into it. But as I s

How to Sloth Up a Stream

What a weekend! We had our official launch on SlothBuzz and reorganized a lot on CryptoradioFM. Also, the plans are moving forward at an incredible pace.

The Sloth Invasion

Hey Ladies and Gentlemen, it's been a while since I enjoyed it so much to create content. But

A Bush Boy and his Sloth

Hey Ladies and Gentlemen, it's been a while since I enjoyed it so much to create content. But today, my ADHD reached 0-100 in under two seconds. I already had a very distracting weekend, in which I looked into Hive games instead of completin

Welcome to Sloth.Buzz, Sloths!

I don't know why the hype about sloths is so present in the crypto space. There is, since ever, the one and only Sloth: Our community Sloth. SlothlyD, or, @Slothlydoesit, because he remembers hi

CryptoMyFace is Back on Track!

What happened to #CryptoMyFace from the

We go to Brazil in Upland! Let's rock Rio de Janeiro!

Upland looks simple, but it's really something you have to DYOR into if you want to get real w

TAP Fantasy: A Play2Earn Gem 💎??

In this video I shortly demonstrate you TAP Fantasy, a copy of the successful TAP TAP Fantasy

CryptoMyFace is coming: Hive, we PeakD you!

Ladies and Gentlemen, it's been a while. But here we are, again, creating content, finally! Just a bit different as planned, but on the right path! Or at least as right as a Bushman and a