The Hive Search Engine!

Hey ladies and gentlemen! As an IT guy, I have a lot of experience in technical stuff. Open Source and decentralisation have been essential topics among people like me since the late 80thies. We knew about the international collaboration possibilities long before Crypto. We were already multicultural, and we already knew what decentralisation was. We tried to stop the madness we are facing today, but we did it already 30 years ago! But we were surrounded by you, the noobs! We were there long before you even knew about the topics.

YaCy Hive Search Instance by Sloth.Buzz & PatLeBo

Today, we, the nerds, know we fucked! And with "we", we mean "you"! But anyways, we're here for the same reason as 30 years ago to support decentralisation. So let's dive into YaCy, an open-source, peer-to-peer (P2P) search engine.

A YaCy instance is a single model or copy of the YaCy search engine software running on a specific computer or device. Each instance of YaCy acts as a node in the more extensive P2P network of YaCy users, contributing to the overall search index and sharing search results with other search index instances.

Having multiple instances of YaCy running on different devices allows for a decentralised and distributed search experience, as users can search and share results directly without relying on a central server or index. This also helps improve the scalability and resilience of the YaCy network, as there is no single point of failure.

Live: YaCy Peers Map from the Freeworld Instance @

Each YaCy instance can be customised and configured according to the user's needs and preferences, such as setting the language, searching specific websites or file types, or limiting searches to a particular geographic location.

And in our case, here on Hive, I will take the lead in building the YaCy instance that will bring the Hive network into the extensive YaCy decentralised index. We have tested it out over the past two months and are now building a clean version after we did a few tweaks. Here are a few screenshots, but don't look at the layout; we went all in on functionality and stability.

Brixton Radio Show search: Showing TDC Tunes and 3Speak as results!

Search suggestions on YaCy

Now we need you! Because we need to properly index all the great Hive sites and projects out there. So we need a list of all Hive websites around. There is already a post going on from @Doze on Twitter; he's also building a list for other reasons. We jumped that train since we also needed that list. So feel free to complete @Doze's list on Twitter or answer here with all the links you think we should add to our index.

We will reveal the link to the search engine as soon we complete the work and the listed sites are indexed. Thanks for your support!