Cryptoradio.FM news for Sloths!

Ladies and gentlemen, here is a brief update from my side. And at the same time, it's the first article we use to test the Hive Blockchain connection. The Cryptoradio.FM website is under construction since 2023 is the year we will push our blockchain radio while integrating the community. The only community news happens on, where Cryptoradio has its home.

And so we have community news ready for you, always on The last fun news was DAZ sharing the Genopets code for early beta testers. Genopets is fitness combined with Tamagotchi and Pokemon. I brought my whole family into it, and we're super addicted! So, a code rotation is going on; take a look if you want to participate. I also used 3Speak for the first time for a PatLeBo's Crypto Space video. There I talk about Genopets and the Cryptoradio.FM status.

Since Sloth forced me into "bring up fast, something that", we're web2/3-de-central-workaround. Till we have our stuff built precisely our way, decentralised, full web3, our workaround will do.

So the next steps are getting the layout together, and maybe this week, I can also change the Hive plugin's direction. I would say I prefer having something other than WordPress as the content base. So I'm on a plugin that will show the filtered Hive community articles on Wordpress. At least this part, Sloth, let me code!

That's it! That's the news!