How to Sloth Up a Stream

What a weekend! We had our official launch on SlothBuzz and reorganized a lot on CryptoradioFM. Also, the plans are moving forward at an incredible pace.


Today I achieved a lot for @CryptoradioFM. I began to prepare the stream yesterday and completed 11 hours and 10 minutes of Livestream today. It was fun, but I also encountered a few issues. First of all, I'm thankful that there are services like Restream facilitating the streamers' life. And I'm super excited to see games like Stream Raiders; They are perfect for engaging an audience. Having CryptoradioFM 24/7 live is a goal, but it should engage the listeners if they want to. And this is something we're building up.

As usual, Sloth was there to find out if he could break something. But I did already, so he had nothing to do while I asked myself why the Stream Raiders didn't start in captain mode. I then found out: The CryptoradioFM Twitch channel doesn't have 100 followers. Well, I didn't exactly find out this. I found out that 100 followers are needed. Which we obviously don't have. But is that a problem? How long do we take to get to that 100 followers?

I then told @Slothlydoesit that Mobile Minigames, earlier called Clash of Streamers, would bring us the followers. That's one unique selling point that no other play-to-earn game has. Mobile Minigames is a perfect game to grow your Twitch audience playfully. Sadly, the game entry sucks hard, and it's like playing a cheap copy pasta of Candy Crush. And the intro lets you play Candy Crush for around four hours till you move on and get a final sneak peek into the significant part of the game: Collecting Streamers and Pets.

So I tell every man out there if they want to join Mobile Minigames, they need a wife that plays through the tutorial. Women love Mobile Minigames, and there is no other gaming or crypto community where I see many active women. My wife loves the real gambling and match-3 part, and I love building up characters in RPG style. Both of us reach their goals; collecting their pets and the ingame token called Crypton. Crypton can be used for ingame advancement or donated to charity. In exchange, you receive the PRPS token, which is tradeable on decentralized exchanges.

Playing games such as Stream Raiders shows me how much potential play-to-earn and NFT games like Mobile Minigames (former Clash of Streamers) have but are still not fully evolved. Imagine having your own NFT streaming characters, organized like Stream Raiders, with play-to-earn, events, achievements, tournaments, and affiliates. That would be great. But till now, I struggled even getting our logo as a streamer face over there. So I tried to tell artificial intelligence it should generate me a "Sloth with a human face", and that's the weird outcome:


So we decided, till then, we use Mobile Minigames to collect followers on Twitch and have a good time together. Because we can have a good time together - My PatLeBo guild is rocking over there.

But what is with CMF Gaming? Everything that fits into 24/7 streaming will follow ASAP with CryptoradioFM and will be over there. So it's more than logical to have CryptoradioFM on Mobile Minigames as a guild. While we're building, expanding, and getting more traction - Join our guild over there, it's fun!


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And if you don't like to play Mobile Minigames, drop us a follow on Twitch - We would love to see you there :)