Let's get Nerd: The "big" Gravitrax Advent Calendar 2022 Post!

Every time I walk into a warehouse that has Gravitrax in stock, I hold to look at that marble physics game. I'm magically attracted to it and always ask myself, do I need this in my life?! Like, I'm a man, a 41 old child that left puberty at 30 years and has been in a midlife crisis since then. So it's always the same question, repeatedly, in every situation: "Do I need this in my life?!"

The one and only big Gravitrax Advent Calendar 2022 Event!

Gravitrax Advent Calendar! Woohoo!

Half the price of the vegan Popcorn calendar I bought for my brother. Who gives a fuck in bear markets, anyways? It's already Christmas time; people are depressed and angry, everything is in recession, and we get scammed from all around! The crypto space is on fire because the same guys that stole our freedom in the offline world are now figuring out how to take us down in this "new" digital world. A digital world that is no anymore part of a separate life but takes an active role in our everyday life.

Perfect time to not give a fuck, and focus on the happiness in my life. The real life. So, how happy am I to see the spaces here on Hive evolving? All the little successes, the cooperations we're creating, all the content that gets attention. Lovely. Lovely, I need it for Christmas, especially now, during Christmas. As an atheist (or agnostic, but let's not dive into this...), I use this event to calm down. I go with the weather, preferably the snow. And with the bears. It's time for cosy winter sleep. I won't say I go into hibernation mode; It's time to calm down. And since everyone around seems to take this time, we use it to combine it with love. Not because of religions but because of seasons. And our biology. Like we used to change our foods in the different seasons. If you still need to get what I meant with the last one, then my friend, you should begin with healthier food habits - But let's say, after Christmas. Tomorrow is always the better day for just everything. But today, we dive into fun!

Super Spoiler Alert! Now we go through the openings every single day. Well, I will fail at this because of Christmas time. But I will document all days in this article and keep it updated!

DBuzz & Liketu SoMe Experiment

I also built a small social media platform experiment: I will post different images and content of the same calendar openings through DBuzz and Liketu. I will use those APIs for the pictures here. And I will also link forth and back from and to this article, which is located on SlothBuzz. Let's fucking go:

The "big" Gravitrax Advent Calendar 2022 Opening

While the days are being documented here from the other social media spaces, I will have a unique exclusive to SlothBuzz post for every day.

Gravitrax Advent Calendar Day 1

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December 1 is the first day to open the Advent Calendar door!I’m excited to see how many days I have to wait until we can see the marble roll the first time!
The Gravitrax Advent Calendar 2022 Box :)December 1 Door: A red marble, a starter, and the finisher!

The SlothBuzz Special:

There is no special. As stated on Liketu, I'm excited to find out how long it takes till the marble can run. Till then, we need to wait for the special.

Let's Clown Together!

Gravitrax Advent Calendar Day 2

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I asked myself, when will I be able to see the marble roll for the first time?That escalated quickly! Day two, here we go: I can roll my marble for the first time!
Oh, Day 2 and we got a middle track module!This opens up already the possibility to run the marble!

The SlothBuzz Special:

Okay! I can't clown around for a long time! We already have a small track, so let's hype that down! Go marble, go marble, go!

The marble is rolling! Huuuii!

Gravitrax Advent Calendar Day 3

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Day 3 opened up new possibilities with the two rails and the few elevating pieces.We can already roll further today!
Two Rails, Four Elevators! Jackpot!What is behind the third Gravitrax Advent Calendar Door?

Let's use the rails and elevators now:

Woo-fucking-hoo! The elevators and the rails do a great job! It feels smooth and looks nice. I want more, for sure!

Getting real with the Gravitrax Rails!

Gravitrax Advent Calendar Day 4

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We have three curve modules on the calendar.Let’s see how they fit with the rails from yesterday!
Gravitrax Three Curve ModulesWe build the curves into our track now!

Rails, Elevators, Curves, and a Lot of FUN:

Okay, this is getting funnier from day to day! I have a straight module, three curves, two rails, a starter and a finisher. I will research the proper terms for the modules to start to name them correctly. Time to dive deeply into this field of marbles and physics?

The Gravitrax Curves and Rails in action! Fantastic!

Gravitrax Advent Calendar Day 5

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I wanted to extend the track so badly, but then, I just got elevator pieces.But since I got them, they go right away into the track!
Seven Elevator Pieces, yay!Let's integrate the elevator pieces!

The same story as yesterday. Now elevated:

Well, what should I say. Same story, but different 🤣

The whole Gravitrax Fun is elevated.

Gravitrax Advent Calendar Day 6

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After yesterday's delusional opening, we now have something great!It was the preparation for today’s opening: The trampoline!
Yes! Gravitrax Trampoline Module!Let's build the trampoline into the track!

Elevated yesterday, trampolined today:

So the elevating pieces from yesterday were here to prepare for today's trampoline. Let's see it in action with Slo-Mo! Epic ;)

Gravitrax Advent Calendar Track with Trampoline and Slo-Mo!

Gravitrax Advent Calendar Day 7

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Today I was like, WTF is this? A double curve?A double curve module. My imagination instantly escalated.
Look at this Gravitrax Module!So many entrances!


Today was the first time I've rebuilt the track multiple times. It was fun, and it was nerdy. It was like solving a puzzle, counting in physics. At some point, I was desperate, and I just lacked one piece, and now I hope so badly that I get something tomorrow so that I can complete something in this direction:

Desperately trying to fit single modules multiple times

But for today, I have built this track with the available pieces:

That's the final Gravitrax Advent Day 7 Track

Gravitrax Advent Calendar Day 8

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The day eight opening contains three rails.Let’s see how this evolves! Pretty excited, and it’s getting more and more puzzling.
Three Gravitrax RailsMy Gravitrax "Photo Studio" ;)

Rail, Rail, Rail Your Marble:

Yeah, I got excited to puzzle together all the pieces. One rail was left over, and I could also build the rail between the curves after the trampoline. But it slowed down the marble too much. So below, you can see today's result. I'm super excited to see what's coming next, and I'm always thinking about getting a Gravitrax Starter Set. It's so much fun!

In this constellation, one Gravitrax rail is left over.

Gravitrax Advent Calendar Day 9

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The day nine opening was sadly fast and without love: I didn't have the time since I got so much work with the Game Awards 2022.I have so much content to work on while Cryptoradio.FM needs my full attention. I got elevator pieces.
Gravitrax Advent Calendar 2022 Day 9Let's destroy and puzzle tomorrow!

Nothing New Today:

It's day nine, and I'm so busy with everything else. I'm happy I was not too excited about the elevator modules, so I stayed focused on other work. Tomorrow I have to plan a few stories, but I will take time for my Gravitrax track! Today, no GIF to show :(

Gravitrax Elevator Pieces

Gravitrax Advent Calendar Day 10

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Yes! I got a curve piece on day 10, and now I can complete the track.My wife escalated because of me and my marble shit; I had to ducktape her down.
Gravitrax Advent Calendar 2022 till Day 10Finally: Gravitrax Curve Piece

YES! Let's fucking go:

I could complete the track as far as possible, using all the pieces. I'm super excited to dive even more into the Gravitrax marbles. I have a 3D printer, which I will use to build track pieces on my own. I must ensure I don't buy some Gravitrax Starter Set and stick to the calendar opening now. Step by step! But for now, here is the promised track - which is 4,5 sec long!

Gravitrax Advent Calendar: Day 10; 4,5 sec Track