PatLeBo: To the Limit!

Wow, Ladies and Gentlemen! What a month. The struggles. The time management issues. The day job. The family. I am trying to figure out where I get that power. I created my last content on Hive 21 days ago.

No Limits For Sloths!

But what happened in the meantime? Well, we now have our Hive node up and running. The next goal is to reach as many votes as possible so that we can advance to the top positions. But who am I to ask for the top positions?

I am PatLeBo, a Crypto Techguy from Switzerland. I am building my company's data centre. For the last 16 years, I have worked as a Chief Information Officer on the productive side and have constructed unbreakable servers and IT networks for around 150 customers in the last ten years.

Five years ago, I had my first node in the Tron ecosystem. Tron was technologically the most exciting Blockchain back then because it was like Ethereum but cheap and fast. It was perfect. But the network leaders messed up with the people that supported them. So the Tron node had a short lifespan.

Today we manage nodes on Hive, PreSearch, Gala, Monero, and a few more. With "we", I mean the SlothBuzz team in collaboration with my company.

Then, apart from that, I'm active in everything cool! Not only technically but also biologically. I'm trying to fit everything into my time management. The important stuff I need to keep up with is my content, which is born from the things I use. I love Play2Earn games. The idea of ingame assets that are transferable is pretty great. There are many use cases for this, and the companies behind it need to see through. But it's a new topic, and they need the time to figure out how to use P2E significantly.

Hive and the community help a lot! Hive makes every game for me a Play2Earn game - As long I produce content for it. I can go ahead and play Pokemon, write about it, and make a few bucks. While a few dollars for many people worldwide is money, but not for people living in Switzerland, there is also macro gameplay. The few bucks I make daily usually go into a freeze for at least two years: I transfer the gains into something like HEX and lock them down. HEX creator Richard Heart says all days to stop chasing cents. I will always continue doing that, especially if I enjoy the related work. Cents now are Dollars tomorrow.

CoinMarketCap HEX-USD Chart

Then I love working on my personality. The fact that I can speak five languages, and understand, even more, makes me open-minded. Communication with different cultures is key to an open mind. Speaking more than one language opens the mind. That's a fact. You always will be able to see the fewer languages people speak, the more they think the world is theirs. Anyways! Working on my personality needs attention to my body and spirit. For my soul, I have so many tools I can use for myself. But for my body, it's more complicated.

PatLeBo punching the Air in the most sexy way possible

Laundry, Fitness, or Both? My Laundry Workout!

For my body, I need fitness! Which I can't stick to it. I have a guy I like much from the HEX community which whom I am in contact. David James! He shares his everyday workout and adheres to the 5 am club like crazy. So I copy his squats, burpees, and push-ups. But this doesn't work alone; I need more motivation for such stuff, especially for the small space I have at my disposal right now. So the David James Workout is done in the laundry. At the same time, I use the living room as a boxing ring. I play FitXR on my Meta Quest VR. The trainers are great, the workout hurts, and I never got as motivated as in this game to go to the limits. I also used Freeletics before. If you know Freeletics, you know what "to the limit" means.

The beautiful People of Liketu

What does this mean for the Hive ecosystem? Well, with Hive, we have something extraordinary: The WEB3 Blockchain. They built Hive for the content. It's not a threat to other chains but an extension. And so I see myself also as one of the guys bringing other people over to Hive. I need to bring those people over here, where they get the attention they deserve. David James belongs to the beautiful people over there on Liketu! Where he can create posts and memberships. The only thing we need on Hive is an easy way to have videos online. All the IPFS solutions are no solutions. We need the network integrated that already did the best job in this field: LBRY. And I hope D.Buzz has the video function ready soon (shoutout to @chrisrice).

D.Buzz-ing is what I love!

Now, this is me. And out there, a few people are also like this. With those, we built SlothBuzz together. We have a lot of plans for SlothBuzz, to support precisely those people. We have already brought people into the ecosystem. We've been here since the beginning, even if not active after the Steemit takeover from Justin Sun.

We at SlothBuzz are doing great. Give us a chance with our node, and we will do our best to enrich this network. From the content perspective, it's clear that we will not move away from here.

❤️ LuvYaGuys ❤️