The Ragnarök Melancholia - Let's hit that Poporing!

Ladies and Gentlemen, it gets super nerdy here! And worse for an ADHD guy like me. Remember, there was a time before World of Warcraft. And in that time, one year before the release of World of Warcraft, we used to play one of the first Metaverse: Ragnarök Online! It's a Korean MMORPG that takes place in the Ragnarök Manwha universe. For the super nerds out there: Leveling up over there was more frustrating than in WoW Classic. We don't even talk about how the quest system was. Complicated! You had to interact with other users. There was no auction house, but there was a shop you could open, and then you planned the whole Sunday to be there to trade. Bugs? I mean the software bugs... The player base found workarounds. It was a "real metaverse" because people interacted in this cute virtual world to get stuff done together.


Last week I found a "Diablo", or better, a "Lost Ark" play-to-earn alternative called A3: Still Alive. I wrote about it. The title was "Is A3: Still Alive still alive?" and I'm still finding out. The game is fun. But if you use the Express Level-up, you get lost - I'm on the content to get you back into the game after using the free level-up package. Already that game is an issue for my melancholic winter. Now we have a play-to-earn Ragnarok, my personal Express Boost into Bo's melancholia winter!

"The Labyrinth of Ragnarok is the first official Ragnarok Online IP integrated with Play-to-Earn and NFT elements. A mobile idle MMORPG with various difficulty levels twist a labyrinth dungeon. Challenge multiple PVE and PVP modes and defeat bosses, MVPs, and monsters. Let's start your journey and get ready to dive into the fantastic world of Ragnarok!"

So far, so good. We didn't miss out much in this case because it just started last month. So last weekend, I somehow managed to look into it. After THAT Millenial party from Saturday night, it was a wonder that someone was still alive the next day ;) Well, I was, and horny, but anyways... So I decided to dive into this "labyrinth". I hope it's not some sort of mobile game shit. Well, it is, but you know what I mean. And somehow, it is, but it's done well. It's done right. It gives me goosebumps. It begins with the soundtrack, which is always the same in the Ragnarök IP. The tunes, the fights, and somehow the graphics. It's vectorized, not pixelated anymore, but it still looks familiar and cute; it's like playing a Ragnarök game. It's responsive, flows, and is not clunky, which was one of the main reasons I didn't play Ragnarok X: Next Generation. And also, Ragnarok Origin didn't feel so good.


This one you can play one-handed, it's a grinder, and it pays crypto. I calculated after two days how much I would have made entirely free to play, and it was around $0.004. It's nothing but much for just sticking around a few hours to find out the game mechanics. And as said, entirely for free.

So I'm super excited about this one and how it develops. I'm pretty sure I will share more content in the upcoming time. I recorded the intro and the first two chapters if you want to look into it. You can watch them here:

I'm on the server GOBLIN, and if you want to join my guild, it's called yaQui over there - For the sake of the past and just as an insider for those who remember <3 Join here, let's hit that Poporing together:

Thanks for reading o.O