Twitter 101: How to get successfully banned with one single GIF.


Hey folks! It's not the first time that Twitter has locked me out for being harassing. The first time I got that ban was a gif answer I posted to a Greg message. You know who Greg is. Everyone knows. I don't remember what it was about, but I answered with a single GIF, the clown that suicides himself for letting the tree grow by watering... It was nothing aggressive or harassing, especially as an answer to Greg's topic. I mean, come on.


Then yesterday, I got this Tweet in my feed:


Already the fact that I have content in my feed that I didn't choose to see is unique. But also here, funny story, funny situation. So I answered with a GIF:


And that was the consequence, again:


Now I have seven days I can do nothing on Twitter. The first time I was unhappy with the decision, I recalled the support to check. And yeah, the suicide Clown on Greg's post was already refused, and I was in Twitter jail. This time I didn't even try; I did not comment on a satire account, so that I will have zero chances.


But yeah, I was already shadow-banned; on every other social media platform, I can fart and receive more likes and traffic than on Twitter. So, there is no reason for me to be on Twitter except to support the people I love there - While I'm banned, I can't even do that.

šŸ–• ByeByeTwitter šŸ–•

This time everything is different. I get my deserved attention on other platforms where people can freely choose to enjoy my content. I'm on Uhive, Odysee, dTube, dBuzz, 3Speak and Liketu. If someone wants to see my stuff, I'm there with the cool guys (aka. don't get censored for having an opinion). With so many opportunities, a seven days ban will be enough to forget about Twitter completely.

Maybe in 7 days this post here will be the last shared info on my Twitter account.