Welcome to Sloth.Buzz, Sloths!

I don't know why the hype about sloths is so present in the crypto space. There is, since ever, the one and only Sloth: Our community Sloth. SlothlyD, or, @Slothlydoesit, because he remembers himself in the nickname do get stuff done. That is so cute because it doesn't just show his personality but also that this Sloth has a plan! ...well, let's say most of the time. Or at least sometimes. For a few seconds. Ah, we all love the Sloth.


The story is that we had these big CryptoMyFace plans, which didn't work out as we wanted for the last 18 months. And after we left Dapps.Buzz as an archive for the written articles, we needed something which we could get our pieces out there. But we didn't want to go with the centralised mainstream; we needed something different. Long ago, as Justin Sun joined Steem, then took over "to save the community", we knew this chain was fucked up. We saw the whole Hive fork, but it was so chaotic, which is typical for decentralised projects.

Today, if we look at the Hive, we see the big players, and data show: It's not the most prominent chain, and much on there is pretty centralised by the users and communities. But if we look at the bigger picture, it's a bunch of great communities coming together, friendly, open, and willing to help out. We are all niche communities coming together on this big chain. And everyone has something to share. Sloth and I love it; therefore, we moved on with Hive.

But we didn't just move on; we kept what we had but built this community around our beloved Sloth. Sloth always says we need to sloth this, and we need to sloth that. So as we were working, at a point, I said: "Hey, Bro, let's build the sloth community." We need that fresh wind, the people we encountered on Hive, and the connections we're making. And maybe shaking up the CryptoMyFace sleepers motivate them to move with us. Sounds like a plan, at least ;-)

And on this journey, we also found Rising Star, a band management trading-cards simulation. I mean... Shut up and take my money? They also have a "Rising Star Radio" running there, a playlist with music sent in from the community singers. That's fantastic. And we see how Cryptoradio.FM can fit into this, but one step after the other. Yes, ladies and gentlemen - The first game on Hive I'm playing and think it's worth looking into is Rising Star. It's fun, and it's sarcastic, music, and community. It's a browser game. You have to join and see.


In the CryptoMyFace community, Sloth said we're on something, but we don't share it right now till the tokenomics can settle down. But I've already seen newly created Hive accounts from the community, so the few that found us seem to remain quiet ;) Good job, guys! Thanks for being so attentive!

And don't forget to join Rising Star: https://www.risingstargame.com?referrer=patlebo

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